Within castle, he is met by Invel, and you can Zeref asks your to gather the rest of the Spriggan twelve

Within castle, he is met by Invel, and you can Zeref asks your to gather the rest of the Spriggan twelve

Zeref production towards Alvarez Kingdom just after a-year out of absence, cheered into the of the his subjects coming out in order to satisfy him and you will revealing themselves is Emperor Spriggan. While they converse, Dimaria and Ajeel are available and you can Invel chastises her or him to the manner in which they speak with Zeref. At that time, August guides in asking Zeref in the event that the guy receive his answer to Ragnarok, to which Zeref answers one to into the Ishgar Ragnarok is named the Dragon Queen Event. Yajeel then comes into the fresh castle and you can welcomes the newest emperor, but backs away as he remembers the effects away from Zeref’s curse. Yajeel brings up Makarov so you’re able to him and you will states that he is trying to a gathering to the emperor. Once the anybody else hop out, Makarov and you will Zeref up coming converse yourself in regards to the Dragon Queen Event, Fairy Center, and Alvarez Empire’s supply. After, Zeref thank you Makarov to possess elevating Natsu and prepares to kill your, but at that time, Mest seems and you will teleports himself and Makarov away. From this, Zeref finds out off Natsu’s visibility from inside the Alakitasia and you will grins. Once Natsu in addition to remainder of Fairy End successfully stay away from, Zeref believes so you’re able to himself you to definitely “it” ultimately begins.

Wall surface Eehto upcoming reproaches Zeref to possess their selfish motive when trying to recover his previous lover’s body, it is told you to definitely Fairy Cardio are a miraculous hence Zeref’s main objective ‘s the annihilation out-of Ishgar

He proceeds to inquire about if the Jesus Serena has people objections, that the former Wizard Saint feedback he has not one. Ajeel up coming says you to Zeref would be to hop out the new objective so you’re able to yngre 15 him; Zeref refuses and you can says that he cannot merely let it rest so you can Ajeel alone. Zeref continues on and you will states it offers much more definition to go on a most-out offending with all of the armies. Zeref closes having proclaiming that new Dragon Queen Event Starts and you can brings which Spriggan twelve the order to begin dancing the troops. Afterwards, due to the fact Zeref marches together with his troops into Magnolia, Invel informs your that a few Spriggan responsible for brand new earliest violence, Ajeel and you can Brandish, enjoys one another come eliminated. Zeref, nevertheless smiling, says that it’s to help you requested which however become upset if Mavis and her guild couldn’t at the least manage to handle an attack of these push. When you’re Yajeel grieves over their grandson Ajeel’s going death and you will Invel statements on simple fact that not merely one, but two Spriggan were killed, Zeref shuts them away from, advising the two you to none Brandish or Ajeel are generally dead and this therein lies the new enemy’s tiredness. Fundamentally, Invel produces Zeref aware of the point that Natsu are going straight because of their location, causing the Black Mage so you’re able to grin in a cruel manner. Zeref observe just like the Flame Dragon Slayer takes out a portion away from their armed forces before warping into arena himself to stand new Fairy End Mage.

Zeref is later on viewed at the a meeting with the latest Spriggan a dozen in which he says the the years have in the long run reach start the newest intrusion out of Ishgar

Since brothers look each other down, Zeref informs Invel to get the military refuge multiple kilometers to south west, when he is the only 1 that may manage Natsu, something to and therefore Invel complies. He then taunts Natsu extremely temporarily, but conveys shock abreast of seeing a beneficial draconian tat to your Natsu’s best arm; after feeling this new Secret Fuel and heat produced from the fresh new tattoo, Zeref is actually repeatedly beaten doing of the Natsu, actually having their most Miracle burned away by almost every other Dragneel’s flame. Zeref, but not, is able to look for a hole as well as the endeavor momentarily will get equivalent, until Zeref learns out of Natsu that energy they have was the newest limited rest of Igneel’s Wonders Energy leftover inside your. Comprehending that the advantage arises from the new lifeless, and this instance an electrical power will get it is have the ability to kill your, Zeref thank-you people who aided him can where they are today because Natsu enters Flames Dragon Queen Function and you may unleashes exactly what he dreams getting the final blow.